Thursday, January 10, 2008

Christmas 2007 the boys presents!

Callum seeing his bike for the first time! "Precious".
Callum again! He looks like his riding a motorbike!

Celtic Santa

Go Owen go!

Caleb roller blade boy! He is so good on the blades!
(You should see him ice skate).
Caleb so happy > in a world of his own! ;)

DS boys!
For christmas Callum and Owen got (expensive) new skate park bikes.
Caleb got a scooter, a pair of roller blades and 2 new games.
All the boys got a Nintendo DS each and two games.
The each got a super soaker, an ice cream machine, DVD's, aftershave,
and a massive santa sack FULL of other stuff I can't remember right now!