Tuesday, February 16, 2010


My goal this year is do 1 layout a day or 7 layouts in a week! I want to concentrate on the journaling, or more importantly the little everyday stories that need to be told! I looked back at all my old layouts the other day and I found that I was more connected to (and loved) the layouts with journaling! As they tell a story, that in the future I might have forgot about! I have almost done 3 layouts this week already! (so I'm happy about that and more importantly the all tell a story). The first layout I did was about Owen getting his Orange belt in Karate, my second layout is about what we did Halloween 2009 and my third layout is about our first family photo taken in 2006!!! I also wanna try and keep up with this years scrapbooking month by month and I'm behind already! (I hope to catch up this weekend).

I'll post all my layouts together each Sunday ;)

Friday, January 29, 2010


I have listed my first eva item for sale on ebay! I'm selling this layout for $22.00 AUS dollars!!

www.ebay.com.au (Look under layouts > crafts).

I'm back I haven't had internet in ages due to bloody telestra!!!!!!

Saturday, December 05, 2009


Layout of me at 10 months ;) Don't ya just dig that cool retro 70's high chair and wooden panel background! LOL! No journaling on this layout! I plan on doing all my childhood layouts and then do whole pages of stories on seperate pieces of paper later ;) Kinda like a story book but it will be a scrap album!!

Thursday, December 03, 2009

My happiness

Close-up of papers:
I had lots of fun creating this layout! This is my Studio calico October kit, ALL of the papers are from the kit! Most of the papers are basic grey nook and pantry line and october afternoon! (I love em). The layout is about how my mum was a wonderful birthing partner at my son's birth and how I thanked her by letting her be the first one (after me) to hold him. Well, she held him once he was cleaned up and wrapped up like a little burrito! I never foget her just sitting in the massive cane chair in the birthing room, beeming with pure happiness! This photo was perfect for this layout! I cut it so small, so as to focus on my mum and the baby! (and not the clutter around the room).

Thanks so much for looking!!!
I have more layouts to come........

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Little me!

I don't think I have posted this layout before>? Anyway this is another 'me' layout! I'm getting lots of old pics scrapped ;) I love this one, the pic is from 1978, when I was in nappies and rolling around the house. My mum told me that I would push my tiny feet down on the floor and launch myself around the house! I'm eatting vegimite toast, a true blue Aussie baby. I had lots of fun making this layout!!! All the papers are from my studio calico kit! I had so much paper left over it was crazy! (like 50 sheets of PP to use up), so I made these funky circles and emblished it with a string of beads in the centre! OMG, I love using beads now, an addict I am!! The background is just mist and I have used puched out circles for a mask!!! Easy!!!
Love Lisa xoxox

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Love Layout!

My Layout:
This is a photo from my childhood! I've scrapping heaps of pics from 70's-80's latelty! This is me in my mum's arms at K-mart in the 1980's. The store was show casing polaird cameras at the time! OMG, lol! How I would love one now! lol! It would be so cool to do a mini album all in polarid photos, so funky and cool I think! (I might just do that). Anyway I really love how this layout turned out! It's another layout from my Studio Calico kit (with a few bits and pieces thrown in for good measure). The scrabble titles are real ;) I put the giraffe in there cos my mum gave me a toy one when I was a baby (and I lost it). Since that time I always relate the giraffe to her and me like a 'mummy and daughter' connection type thing;)
On this layout I only used 1 piece of paper called 'Super Stack' by Sassafras! (On one side it has coloured diamonds and the other side it has some monsters stacked on top of each other). With the coloured diamonds I was able to create two layouts alone, I really love paper like this ;)
Fun, Fun, Fun!!! I have more creations to come!!!
December Studio Calico:
Studio Calico's kit goes live in a few hours for members! I can't wait to see the Decmember kit in all it's glory!!! I'll get in around x-mas day so it will be my x-mas present under the tree for myself. The kits are always a wonderful suprise as u don't pick the stuff and each kit is placed in a brown paper bag with a sticker. Then placed in a box! Ohhhh I can't wait!!!!
Market Place:
I'm still working with Market Place and 4 add-0n's plus soooo many extra emblishments! I was in scrappy heaven when I got it last week! My whole dinning table (6 seats) was covered in new papers (50), emblishments, cardstock, new paints, mists, new Tim Holtx inks and so much more. Omg heaven, heaven, heaven!! I have done 3.5 layouts so far and all very different from each other! One of the kits (called bazzar) had wood in it so I used that, omg, so weird but I love working with different things! So mush fun to see what u can come up with!!
Cards and goals:
Is such a super busy, super stressful time of year! I have finished my x-mas cards, they are just very boring angel cards! I'm really not into putting a lot of 'time' into cards. I've never really been a 'card maker'. I'd much rather hand make a simple one then buy one, so I'm glad I've made them now! Right now I've put some of my x-mas decorations up. Owen is having a sleep over at pop's house so Caleb, Niall and I will put up the tree tommorrow. I also wanna thread popcorn to wrap around the tree (I did that as a kid with coloured popcorn) and make ginger bread men to hang on the tree! So that's my first x-mas goal I want to complete!
A Child in need:
My second goal is this: Every year I pick a child in need and make them up a present! This year I have a 6 year old girl called Jasmine. Her parents don't have much and have been going thru hell this past year! So I have chosen her as my special child!!! I brought an awesome wooden vintage craddle and have painted it candy pink!!! OMG it looks awesome! Next I'm going to paint a layer of red pearl paint (see thru paint) and then I may give a little mist! I have these awesome AC aqua glitter letters that I'm going to use to write her name on the top headboard of the craddle!! That way it's personal!!! I then going to put a little pillow in the cradle with a blanket!! I'm not sure if I'm going to put a baby doll or bear in the craddle yet! I saw these beautiful bears that have heaps of awesome outfits to go with it! If I get her the bear I'll pick a girl bear and buy her two outfits, being a pink a dress with awesome little shoes and the other a pair of pj's with slippers so she can put the bear to sleep in the craddle!!! If I get her a baby doll, I'll make her up a nappy bag, with little nappies, wipes, a baby wrap, a pair of pj's, a little rattle, bottle, bowl spoon and bib.
Which one sounds better>?????
Lisa xoxo

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pure Joy!

Last time I posted it was Owen and bubbles but this time it's Caleb and bubbles!!! I really love this photo to of Caleb!! (I don't often do layouts without journaling, but who needs it with this photo, it's so wonderful).

Studio Calico have have gone public with this Home Front release (below), I love it, it's so 1950's retro vintage!!!! I can't wait to get it next month!!!! The lamp paper is my favourite!!!

Lisa xoxox

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