Friday, December 14, 2007

I just turned the big 30!

I turned 30! I went out to dinner with my brother tonight! On saturday night I am going out to dinner with my boys and next Saturday I am having a dinner with family and friends. My present from Neil was a gold and dimond heart necklace and a $500 hotel room package for 1 night! So cool! I'll be doing that next month I think!

I made these for a texture swap! The background is made up of textured pasted, paint, glitter paint, and foil stars, moons and sequins.

My art doll which fits on the 7gypsies ATC holders ;D

My boys had a christmas concert on Tuesday and OMG I was so proud of them! I am so glad I am a mama and I am so glad I am only 30 and they are at a fun and independent age! (Those of you with babies, toddlers, etc have alot to look forward to).
I was gonna post a big vent but I won't! Maybe next time! ;) I don't know if I am sad or hormonal lol!