Friday, July 04, 2008

My day and Scrap Goodies!

Neil and I both had the day off today! In the morning we dropped the boys off at school and then came home, ate breakfast and watched cheaters and divorce court! (Love it). In the afternoon my brother came over to help fix up the plumbing in our laundry. After that we headed off and had some lunch with him and Emily (his GF)! We had such an awesome time together! After lunch my brother helped Neil set up one of our TV's! Ohhhhh I'm so happy > it's so awesome! I was just so happy before that I rushed down to blockbuster and hired, The Bucket List, Invasion (Nicole Kidman) and The Mist (Stephen King) and got a whole bunch of snacks and ordered pizza!

Here is all the cool stuff I have brought recently from dollar stores and craft stores! I m always on the look out for cute and interesting items to add to my collection! Click on pic for a close up!

Just wanted to record my day.
Now I'm off to watch some more and do some creating!

Happy days!

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