Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bits and Pieces

1am late at night blogging. The house is so quiet. I can think. I love that.

A beautiful lady brought me this stuff (pic below) on a fabric swap on flickr. OMG the stuff she brought me is just so awesome! I can't wait to use it and show her what I have created with her beautiful materials. Alot of it's k and company. *BIG SMILES*

OMG have a look at her beautiful and I mean beautful creations!!!!!! STUNNING!

Duck and Mushroom Tote:

Hello Kitty Purse:

Froggie Wristlet:

Guest room chair: (love love the cushions)

Tonight my baby brought me home some flowers! He still cares and loves to show that he cares. I love that and love him! So glad that he is mine in this lifetime.

Neil and I are becoming very 'shitty' about the house being a mess during this reno time. Just a few days ago we had a guy come in and cut a big hole in the ceiling which made a huge mess! Grrr! I am so behind in my housework it's beyond belief. We are very clean house people and for us clutter and mess is hard to live with! I can't wait until our home is just the why we want it!

Last weekend I saw my best friend Amy and she gave me this book (above) Notes from My Travel by Angelina Jolie. I can't wait to read it! love her she is so very inspiring. I love how she is using her fame towards "improving the life of others". Something I want to do one day very soon!
My dream is still to go to Tibet one day! All the money is going into the house. So maybe oneday after the house is finished!
Wuv Lisa xoxox