Sunday, August 03, 2008

New pool and other stuff

I am really happy right > thank god the sickness is behind me. The virus I caught a week or so ago left me in bed for weeks.

I haven't scrapped anything in ages! But for the last few days I have been working on a cute mini allbum that I will post asap.
I did this ATC (below) before I got sick.!!!
I have been spening any internet time I get on flickr. I have already done 1 swap, I have another on the way, and one in the planning stages! So much fun.

My life has been beyond fantastic.

We are really getting on with our house tasks. Last week we got a brand new heater put in. Yesterday we paid the the deposit for the pool we are getting! YES A POOL! It's a huge 7.7m x4.5m!! Wayyyyy big enough for all those pool parties we plan on having. Next week we are painting our walls and hopefully the week after our new kitchen will be put in.

Yesterday as I said Neil and I paid the pool deposit, we went to lunch at the Modbury hotel and then we had a look at Freedom! I love the furniture and decor items at freedom. Neil and I picked out a few items we like but we are going to wait until the new kitchen is put in, the walls are painted the new titles are laid before buying anything

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