Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Things I Heart Right Now

I have wanted the above for along time now! I want it for the car! Can you imagine getting a massage while driving!!!!! I get really stressed in the car sometimes (because of crazy drivers, you see). I can really see myself, driving, while listening to my Dali Lama CD, while this little baby is rolling up and down my back! Pure bliss!
I want the parfum :) above!!! But it's so darn expensive! It's smells so good! Listen to this: "John Galliano is the creative force behind this delicious, fruity blend of green tangerine, strawberry leaves, caramel popcorn and pink sorbet." Yummy!!!!!!!!

I am sooooo fusy when it comes to watches!!! I think most of them are agly! I love this D&G one so much, I'm getting it for Christmas!!!!

Paris Hilton watches are so cool! I brought this one yesterday! Isn't it hot!!!!

I really want these glasses (above) for summer! So cool! I love Dior glasses, they are the most comfortable!
Lisa :)