Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Night Owl

It's 1:30am as I write this, I love this time of night as I can be by myself. I love staying up late planning arty creations and watching thiller movies. Niall hates it! He hates me not coming to bed! Grrrrr! I feel gulity!
I have packed up all my scrapbook stuff as I am trying to get better organised. I have sooo much CRAP and it's driving me nuts! This is one thing about the hobby that I hate! ie; ALL the stuff that it takes to create THESE wonderful pieces of art!
Anyway I haven't posted stuff for ages! A quick photo, I made this for my mum last year (lol) for mothers day!

Wuv Lisa
I'm working on a pink funky mini album for my nana! (she is sick, very sick in hospital). xoxox

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