Thursday, February 05, 2009


What's happening in my life:

Soon, very soon I'll be working full time as a nurse. (I really want to work as many hours as possible to finish off the renovations to our house and get all the pretty things that make a house a home).
I'm be stuying partime 1 day a week but doing hundreds of hours of clinical placements.
My life will be full but hopefully rewarding.

Anway, this is Mia my little maltese! (below) She loves to have her ears twirled! I have a passion for clay right now! Clay, clay, clay!!!!!!! I made the border and buttons with clay! I love playing with 'different things' right now. I'm also trying to use less scrapbooking type products and more arty products. Left me know if u have any interesting background techniques I could try! I have so far made a scrapbook background with coffee stained envelopes. I have used the white pages (covered with two layers of paint) and I have also done a torn brown paper bag background with highlights of gold metalic rub-on's.

This is the coffee stained envelopes background:

Lisa xoxox

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