Monday, October 29, 2007

Neil's sister's arrival ;)

Things that are happening in my life right now:

* On Friday night we picked up Neil's sister from the airport! Neil hasn't seen his baby sister in 10 years! Omg! Can u imagine the bulid up! Totally cool > totally happy for Neil!
Neil has 6 sisters, 5 brothers and is and uncle to 16 and that is growing every year!!!!! How cool!
This is their beautiful little boy Cameron. He is 3 and will turn 4 next month he is such a cutie! (you should hear his Welsh/ Scottish accent! omg! He is Sooooooooooo adorable!
Makes me want another boy ;)

Here he is helping me bath Mia ;)

* I am getting a new camera asap! Mine is crap and I have had enough of it! I can't wait!
* Have ordered lots of awesome goodies (esp stamps) from the US! So I can't wait to get those babies!
* Today I went to a second hand store called Hazels and brought some old second books to alter! I Can't wait! I'll have to take a pic oi the store as it is pretty cool with all of it's junk!
* I will leave it here! I am not to well today! So everyone has gone to the Adeliade zoo with out me! But I am a girl who loves time by myself anywell!
The end!