Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

Above is Caleb's card, Neil's card, Owen's card and my card! Sweet! :)
I am a big on card's buyer and so is Neil I love that!
It's funny that we both take ages to pick that perfect card for our recipient.
I have had a nice day today! I love valentines day! I am a major chocolate person! Neil brought me a big box of yummy chocolates! I had no idea what to get him! It's hard buying for guys! I didn't want to waste my money buying teddy or ballons! Even though they are so cute :) (I have done that already lots of times). I brought him a long stem rose the other day at dinner, so well I >> ???
So I brought this all! To pamper him! A hand massage cream, foot soak, foot scrub, foot cream, heaps of stuff for the face, bath salts and mango body butter! The boys go back tommorow so I think we will leave the massage until then! To top it we are going to have dinner in the city followed by a movie :) Can't wait! I am looking forward to a relaxing kid free time! It's been awesome having the boys but exhausting with all of the back to school stuff and the long distance driving!

I am busy. But I am going to try and blog a bit everyday! I got my FEB Poppy ink kit today and I am in love! It is so bright, funky and awesome! I can't wait to play... when I get off this computer.........