Sunday, January 04, 2009

Friday Night! Saturday and Sunday!

Neil had to work 12 hours on Saturday so I slept over my parents house on Friday night. It's nice to hang out with them sometimes. We talked and watched foxtel until they went to bed. I stayed up late making my little ATC's on the floor, drinking coke zero and eatting mince pies. I had lots of fun!

The next day I went to "another" thrift store and brought some awesome little table cloth centre pieces! (well they are actually meant to be a baby's blacket) some beautiful nana looking pillow cases and a few other little things. Mum came over and together we spent the entire day cleaning my home! It looks so beautiful! I "need" the help (which I find hard to ask for). My mum is a gem!

Today was just nice and relaxing! I got up at 10am, watched a bit of foxtel, folded some clothes, got some lunch and made a few ATC's. In the afternoon Neil and I had a few drinks and relaxed in our pool, Out of the pool, shower, a little nap and some more ATC making. Bathed and blow dried the dog, put her little dress on and Neil and I went to Cafe Nova (at Gawler) with the dog. (we sit outside and our little girl sits perfectly under the table). Come home, PJ's on, get some drinks, light the oil burner (relax and unwind oil blend), light some little tea lights, get comfy on the lounge and watch 10,000 BC together. Perfect day!

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