Friday, January 02, 2009

My goals, some atc's and thrift finds

Goals for this Year
Goal One:
Concentrate on my careers. In psychology I have 3 interest areas, people suffering from major depression, mothers who are suffering postnatal depression and children who have Autsim.
I would love to have part-time job doing something arty. (I do have a few ideas). I would also love to sell some mini books and altered art creations.
Goal Two:
Learn more about Buddism. Read heaps of books. Create a little buddha garden for myself and children to enjoy. Go to more learning sessions with my friend Amy and teach my children about it.
Goal Three:
Scrapbook more important layouts and create more art for my home. I want to put on a few scrap parties this year "just for fun". I want to meet new people in the hobby and stay in touch more with my old buddies more.
Goal four:
My home is still in pieces. I want to put those pieces back together this year. I am really looking forward to decorating my house in anarty way and have parties and friends come around. I want my house to be a little piece of heaven, a place, to party, a place to relax and a place to enjoy.
Goal five:
Live more in the moment!!!!! Take more pictures. Enjoy the quiet. Enjoy the fresh air. Enjoy the seasons. Enjoy my children and just enjoy living and > all that life has to offer.
This is my piece of art I created last night. Some hedgehog ATC's for a trade on

Photo a day:
Today I went to a thrift store and brought some cool things.
I brought these boxes below to house some art supplies in.
(and mayby for an altred project or two).

The back of them (so cool)

I brought this cute little wooden container for small supplies. (not sure what yet?)

I heart these mushroom tins!!!

I also brought this cool pottery pot for my gel pens.

Lisa xoxox

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