Monday, October 16, 2006

~Monthly Anniversary~

Journalling reads: On the 13th day of every month we celebrate another month we have been together, kinda like our monthly anniversary. It's funny Neil because you forget all the 'normal day to day things' but not our monthly anniversary. How sweet, 5 months together, October 13th 2006.
I finished this layout Sunday night, so happy! I did this for the Elsie challenge number 11 on two peas website. The challenge was to scraplift a colour combination. My scraplift came from this abstract piece of art called Calm (painted by Kenny Primmer). The colour combinations are browns, a touch of red and light blue. I don't often use abstract art for colour combinations so this was an interesting challenge for me. I plan on creating a couple more layouts this week based on this challenge!

My boys:
Caleb got a pair of football boots and sports clothes and Owen got a Harry Potter x-box game on the weekend! Made them so happy! Little buggers! I have a sticker chart going for the boys if the they are good they get 1 sticker! Goes for the whole week, if they get 10 stickers they get a toy (last time Caleb got a wrestling man and Owen a superman action figure).

I have to admit I wasn't myself this weekend, bit moody I was! I think having a tummy ache and my back tooth taken out last week gives me abit of an excuse! Not really! I hate feeling this crappy way! I have decided to try and take one day at a time! My friend Amy an honours student in Psychology, told me about a month ago, that my health problems (anxiety and depression) combined with other sufferings such as a bitter marriage break-up etc, etc, may take up to a few years to get over. So I think stuff it, I am going to allow myself time to heal and not get so annoyed with myself! The medication I am taking has helped quite a bit! But has other crappy side effects, like that it makes me so tired! I think that people who have never been on medication of this sort, can't possibly understand how different it can make you feel! When I am lying on the lounge, I feel so guilty that I am not doing other things. Also when I feel different (moody or whatever) I just want to be by myself (scrapbooking or watching a DVD), but it is hard when you have two boys and a new man that has just come into your life! I brought the book "the art of happiness" by the Dalai Lama a month ago, I need to start reading it, to see if I can alter my mind set!

I have Caleb at home today and he has been a good little Mr incredible (he is playing with his dress ups and has Mr incredible on, lol). I have watered the lawn (we are in the process of growing new lawn out the back), done 4 loads of washing, just have to hang it out! All I need to do now is do the dishes, collect Owen from school, go to the shops, take the DVD's back, cook tea, lol, it never ends! I tell ya, I will be chilling out tonight after the kids have gone to bed!

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