Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mini break / Mini album

Last month Neil and I got to spend a weekend relaxing in the Barrosa Valley. We had the best most relaxing time ever! It was 42 degrees so we spent most of our time in the outside pool and spa.
Our day went like this: Pool, then spa, then back to the pool. We went back to our room and showered. Then we had a big power nap in the afternoon. We woke up, relaxed in the hot spa, then we went out to a beautiful dinner. We played pool in the front bar, drank and listened to music. Then we went back to our room and watched movies! Awwww what a life ;)
We also drove around the town and looked in the shops. I brought a beautiful vintage tablecloth and gollywog! We also went to the famers market and got a famous bacon and egg roll for breaky ;)

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