Monday, March 17, 2008

The one!!!!

* The background was created with different black and white PP's cut into strips and inked.
* The green sticks above are large painted/glittered paddle pop sticks.
* The flowers and leafs are punches that have been inked, crushed and dipped in glitter paint.
* I brought the life like butterflies from spotlight!

I know it's not the best photo *sorry*. The close-up's give a little glimpse of what it like's like in real life. Anyway this layout is sort like a now and then, future and past sort of thing! I love these! This is Owen and me in 2000, he was like 6 months and I would have been 23! And then again in 2007! This tiny little photo was taken on his 7th birthday last year when I was 29!
I called the layout the "The One" because he is the One! My first life, my first baby, my first child, my first born, my first son and my first one and only!
I wanted butterflies in the layout to represent the journey or flight into motherhood!
I have lots more layouts and such to come! :D

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