Friday, January 09, 2009

Finally a Post! (so sorry)

This week Neil and I have been at home just doing things around the house. (he has had a week off work and we also have had no kids). In the morning I would clean and he would do yard work and in the afternoon we would go for a swim in the pool. We've also been saving money by eatting in all this week as we need more $$$ to finish of the backyard and around the pool.
YesterdayI finally my camera! It was under my bed > weid! I think it may have been knocked on the floor.
Tonight we are getting all 3 boys back! So Game on! Relaxing days are over for a week!
I'll post some of my art work tonight!

These are some pics taken this x-mas:

Christmas eve night! The was the image of my Christmas 2009!
Niall gave out all the present to the boys!
Owen got heaps of star Wars stuff and
Caleb got games, book and Wrestling stuff!

Me and Neil! (On x-mas day). He brought Me the Bee I'm holding.
It say's Bee Mine!
Sooooooo sweet!!!!!

Me and my sweet boys and my doggy Mia!

X-mas eve night! These are the presents that Neil gave me.
I came into the kitchen and on the bench was the bee
and two other presents. I love him! (Neil took the pic).
I got and bottle of mint baileys. (as he knew that I really love the orginal one).

..........................................and this scrap stuff from BB
{Click for close up}

and these fibres!
I couldn't smiling all Christmas. I brought Neil I Blue kingcrome tool box for
his work! He loved it!!!! We had such a nice x-mas this year!

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