Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Go Ask Alice!

I am reading 'Go Ask Alice' I brought the book yesterday and have read half of it already! It's so interesting, the story is about a 15 year old girl called Alice who becomes addicted to drugs.The book is written in diary form, but the author is anonymous. It takes place in the sixties. She is addicted to everything you can think of, many tragedies happen throught the book and apprently the ending is a bad one. All very interesting I love reading non-fiction books, in fact I only read non-fiction books about all sorts of amazing and interesting topics. BUT I am mega pissed as I found out on the internet that 'some' of the book is fiction!!! Grrrr! It's sooo misleading when the front cover of the book states "This is Alices true story". What makes me even more shitty is the ending is a fake! Grrrrr! I take my books seriously, I wouldn't have wasted the $23.00 on it in the first place!!!!!

Mini Albums:
I have stoped working on a mini album about my nana's as I have next to no 'girly' papers or accents! So I need to shop BADLY!!! I haven't spent that much $$$ on scrapbooking stuff since last year so I feel ok about it! I do lots of hobbies and things so I need to spend wisely.
I found this beautiful vintage photo (taken in the 40's-50's) of a lady holding her infant son. I want to use it as a cover to a 'motherhood' mini album I want to create containing black and white photo's of just me and my boys from babyhood until now! I want to create the covers of the album and scrap all the pics of have now and gradually just add more pics as I taken them! It will only be a small-medium sized mini. I want to add poems, quotes and like words of wisdom inside. I think that will be sweet. (Nice for the boys to look back on).
Before I start on this album I need to finish this other one I have made. The front cover is funky (I'll post soon) and inside it has 40 pages with 40 photos of random little stories for the boys to read. Stories about them, as babies, as toddlers and now. Stories about me, about Niall, my parents, pets, things around the home, everything! I love it! I love whole 'little stories' concept.

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