Monday, October 23, 2006

Awesome weekend!!

I had a totally rocking weekend!!! No kids!! (Andrew has my boys all this week). On Friday nights Neil and I walk down to the local pub for tea! They have totally yummy food! We sit in the keno section, eat, drink, talk and watch TV on the big plasma screen! So relaxing!! I love our Friday nights together! When we get home we usually watch TV and have some snacks while we watch a movie! I woke up at 3am with another toothache so I took some nurofen and watched a movie and scrapbooked until 5am! I finished this layout of Neil and our three boys in bed! Love this photo and I love the layout to although it scanned up crap!
Journalling reads: Neil you are a good man and a wonderful dad to Callum and my boys and for that I am very thankful. What is special about you is that you "invest your time and energy" into the boys. You don't just buy them off like other parents do. I have seen you on a number of occassions give up your spare time just to play with them. You take Callum down to the football oval, you help Caleb kick the ball and watch Owen play his x-box games. You are natural, not fake and a big kid at heart and that is why I love you! xoxox Lisa
On saturday Neil and I went shopping to get mum a birthday present! I found this amazing little shop with so many beautiful things! I brought her a beautiful lace table runner, a gold beaded candle holder, two beaded pears (to display in her kitchen) and this sweet little teddy bear (very oldie looking). Neil stood in the shop watching me, holding all of the stuff while I went crazy looking around! He later told me that the shop assistant looked at him and smiled as if to say (no other guy would do that). On saturday night we stayed in and ordered pizza and watched a horror movie called Room 6 (totally crap)! On Sunday we went to the Barrosa for my mum's birthday! We had such an amazing time! My mum loved her presents and the big bunch of flowers we gave her!

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