Saturday, October 28, 2006

Blog therapy!

The weekend:
I have been super busy this week and managed to get a lot of crappy tasks completed! I finished my tax return, got my car back from the crash repairs and all dental work on my teeth is completed! Grrr but not happy as my lawyer cancelled on me again yesterday!
My dad came and collected my boys this morning so he and mum can spend some quality time with them! *Neil is a wee bit sad, I think (so cute)* But my dad LOVES spending time with the boys doing sports and other boyish stuff! My mum spoils them to death, she will have loads of lollies, bottled drinks, DVD's, toys etc, all ready to go I bet! I love the fact they my parents love them to pieces!
Wednesday is my man's birthday! I am giving him a necklace with a charm that pulls apart and we both wear it! (It is beautiful, round and it states 'God protect us and keep us safe when we are seperate from one another'). I am also going to make him a card and write a long romatic letter for him, telling him how much he means to me. I intend on decorating the lounge room tonight with hearts, ballons, etc, etc, and make him dinner and dessert~! We kinda are in the mood to stay in all the time, so that we can be closer to one another! I love that feeling! All so new to me after nine years!
Just got home from a great day of shopping! Neil brought me new *pink* mobile phone, how cool! Now I only have to wait 24 hours for it to re-charge! Grrr!
Weight loss: I am on a mission to lose as much weight as I can by the 16th December! Neil has a work x-mas party and I want to look hot!!! lol! No junk food for me for a while! (I will try and post my progress). I have already lost alot of weight so I know I can do it! If I do good my reward is new clothes, shoes, etc!
Scrapbooking and stuff!
I have started making a 8x8 mini album to send over to Scottland as a wedding present to Neils family. I am also in the process of making 50 x-mas cards! (I bet I will have to make more). 20 plus will be sent to Scottland and other parts of Europe as Neils has 11 brothers and sisters OMG!!!! I am also planning on sending each of them a x-mas parcel with all little things from oz, so I better get my act together!
I also brought a load of beautiful ribbon, glitter chipboard letters and a got heap of pics developed of me and Neil to create a beautiful LO for our album! (I plan on giving it to him on Wednesday for his birthday).
That's enough for me! It's so therapeutic to write like this even if no one reads it!!

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