Monday, April 23, 2007

*Best of Mates*

Another Aussie Dare LO :)
"Dare was to add a bit of sparkle!"
Have a look at what the other girls have done by clicking on the link >>>>>>>>>> to the right! Rockin Aussie Dares!

tag etc close-up:
Cute stickers hey!

I am totally suprised at how well I am keeping up with the dares. This is the first LO or craft thing I have done it about a week and a half but! > This took me 4 days in bits and pieces to finish! I used so many stickers, beads, buttons, sequins, jewels, punches etc! Just a fun LO I want to remember!

I took some nice pics in the school holidays, just some random fun > everyday stuff! We have been doing a major clean out of our yard! I took this pic of Neil and Caleb during that process! ;D Caleb was helping Neil, and giving him high 5's and stuff as they worked. So cute! Neil thinks he is a "good little worker". Owen my eldest runs when there is work to be done! lol!

Anyway! Caleb has me wrapped around his finger! But not Neil, lol! But > he has so much respect for Neil! He always wants to look good in his eyes! But he also tells Neil off! If something goes wrong it's always Neils fault! eg: Caleb had a pancake and dropped it on the floor, there was cream and jam all over the floor! It was Neil's fault because he put to much cream and jam on it! lol! Also he couldn't ride his bike > "good" because Neil fixed it up wrong! > Kids mate!
I will post tommorrow and check out some blogs tonight! xoxo