Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Doctor > :(

*I am going to the doctor this afternoon*
I can't wait to get this hormonal stuff fixed up once and for all. I will be prescribed another anti-depressant. (I haven't taken any medication for months). I have to be so careful about the medications I am prescribed because they have had devastating consequences in the past. In May of 05 I was prescribed just an general anti-depressant. That anti-depressant made me suicidal, it almost killed me. I had to go and get tests done to find the right medication for me. I was hospitalised while that process took place. It took 4 months to get it right. By the time they had found the right one for me the gave me 3 times the normal dose to get me back on tract. What shocks me is how many GP's prescribe them to unknown people and don't even mointor their process. What is even more scary is that people don't even know that anti-depressant can have the opposite effect in some people. "Zoloft" (which is one of the most common types of antit-depressants) has had so many cases of this happen (even muder). Mmmmmm not good!
Can you tell I am nervous >?

I am sharing so much of "me" > put I am hoping it will be a process that ends up > with a good ending! I have come so far in 10 months, I can't wait to 'get better' and see what I can 'really do' with my life!

I know that I will be amazing I just need to be given a chance!