Friday, March 30, 2007

More stuff:

I went to the doctor on Tuesday and got prescribed an anti-depessant called Cipramil. I know a few people that use it. (It treats anxiety and major PMS problems). So fingers crossed it works! I am in the pre-period stage now and hate it! I think I am doing ok for now, but as my period gets closer I get worse then a day or two before I start to get a bit better again.

Last Night:
The boys , Neil and I went over to my brothers house for dinner. I forgot to bring my camera (grrrrr) but Emily, my brothers girlfriend loves astro boy and has little astro boy figures all around her house. (so cute). She blends it in well with all of her other bit and pieces. My brother has a wii, man they are so fun, so much so that Neil wants to buy one tommorrow (and he doesn't even like to play games). * I will update if we get one > :D *

Scrapbooking and stuff:
This is the little bookshelf I was talking about. I punched some PP squares and placed them at the back. Then I put paper vanish over the top to act as a coat. I added sequins around the edges, to make it look pretty.
*I haven't made the mini album's to go on the shelf yet*

It will eventually hold 2 mini wooden albums on each shelf.
Treasure Boxes:
I have found a new little passion. Treasure boxes. I think they will make great little mini albums, with a twist! I will post when I have altered one!

I have done a couple of layouts I just need to add a few touches on them then I will share!

Have a good weekend. I can't believe it's Friday already.