Thursday, March 22, 2007

Away > Shopping > and Scrapbooking!

Weekend away :)
Busy day today! Neil and I are off to Wakerie just the two of us, tommorrow night to get away for the weekend! Neil has a caravan up there! (Wakerie happens to be the place my ex grew up > go figure). Neil also has a boat which we are towing up there to see how she goes in the water! (I haven't been in Neils boat before). It will be staying up there until easter when we will be down again with family and friends! Neil has a doughnut and a knee board and we intend on buying more fun things for the boat! So good to be with a man that likes to have fun! We are gradually going to buy camping things and other fun outdoor type stuff, to get away and live life! I am thinking about buying two person canoe :) I think I might start off with a bike first ;) Everyone in our family has a new bike and helmet except me!

Shopping and Scrapping:
When Neil got home from work he had to go outside and work on the boat! So while he did that I went shopping for 2 hrs by myself! I brought myself a new pair of glasses today, not expensive one's just yet! I love them! I want so many of them! ;) I also brought some make-up, bracelets and a bag (which was like $6.00 (marked down from $30) and is so cool). I brought my cat Olivia a new blanket (to stop her putting hair on my bed) and a red tartan collar! (I haven't put it on her yet, will take a pic tommorow). It was so nice to go shopping! I got home had dinner and while Neil watched a movie I scrapped on the coffee table! I have planned 5 layouts! I have printed out the pics, picked the papers, and emblishments etc! All I have to do now is to spend ages putting them together! lol! I am doing my first layout now and have almost finished it!

My dad and Me:
I have been scanning up the slides my mum gave me yesterday! I have compared a pic of me (aged 20) and my dad (aged 28). We look so much alike! I knew that we did, but not this much! omg! What do u think>?

LOvE mE!