Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Snail Mail Day and Stuff

Due to the hormonal ups and down I had a pretty slow weekend. Now that I'm feeling better I am able to do more around the house, with the boys and with my art stuff.
With all the stuff going on in the house it's hard to keep motivated to keep it neat and tidy. When I'm due to have my period it's almost impossible. Before my period = Mess. After my period = beautiful and cosy house. I'm a person who loves my home and the stuff in it. (It represents me and my family). That's just one tiny reason why it's important to get my hormones in balance.
Right now I have put all of my money into my home. I really want to go to Tibet so badly but the house comes first. I just want to finish it and be done with it. I want a home that's easy to take care off and one that is afforable. I want to have a wild and carefree future with my boys and Neil. I want to live life to the max. I want to go on amazing adventures with my boys and have the most romantic experiences ever with Neil just the two of us.

I am blessed that I have my boys.
I am blessed that I have a man who loves me.
I am blessed that I have wonderful parents and siblings.
I am blessed that I have the best, best friend on this earth!

I got this awesome gal (below) today in the post! Its't she cool! She is going in my room!

I also got these guys:

......and this awesome Japanese kawaii fabric! I'm gonna use it to cover a journal. (a mini album for my boys toddler years). Perfect hey!

Hope I didn't dripple to much crap!!!
Lisa ;)

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