Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Time moves on....

My ex partner and I broke up in July of 2005. Already he has brought a house, 2 cars, got engaged, got married and now had a child. I most be slow to progress I only have a boyfriend and a couple of doggies.

It's a little boy! His name is Lucian and he was born on Saturday. I am so glad my boys got another brother.

The boys first thoughts:

First thought: I think the baby is adorable.

First thought: "I don't want to talk about babies". Why Caleb? "Because they cry". They hurt my ears when they cry".

They get to meet this little guy on Friday.

Lucian John Bernt Ebert was born on Saturday 23/8/08 at 6.18pm, weighting 3040gm (6lb 11oz).

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