Wednesday, May 13, 2009

3 Years Today!

I met Niall on this day 3 years ago!!! One day while over at my cousins house I was looking thru some photos she had taken. I asked her if she had any single male friends, and she said she had two. One was a police officer and one worked in a winery. I had a look at both. The police officer was in his 30's and the winery man in his 40's. I like the look of the winery guy, he looked like a gettlemen holding a glass of wine in his hand. I asked Mandy about him. She said that he is a beautiful scottish man who would do anything for anyone. Bingo! I sms Niall the next day as I was way to scared to ring him. I asked him if he would like to meet up with me for a coffee. He sms back can I ring you!! Agh! I shit myself! Omg! Anyway the phone call ended up being great, with got on really well and clicked straight away! I felt so comforatable on the phone with him that I was even teasing him! The next Saturday we went bolwing, that was my idea as I wanted to do something fun! We then went to the botanical gardens and then had our coffee at cafe paradiso (our now favourite cafe)! It was great! I went to his house the next Thursday to watch some movies! (Yer right). We haven't been apart since after that day!