Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Life in Pictures

Tommorrow (the 13th of May 2009) Is our three anniversary! Wow it's gone so quick! I have decided to move into his home full time with him! (Before this I have been spending alot of time at my parents house also). This is a big move for me! After my seperation from Andrew in 2005 I decided that if I ever met someone else I would take my time with the relationship. It's working really well this way! I don't feel like I'm stuck in a rut (with marriage) but rather like I am in a relationship in which I'm a free spirt. One day, maybe when the time is right I might get married. I am glad I have all these wonderfull things still to look forward to!

I know the picture above is horrible but who cares! My boys made me breakfast in bed! So sweet, I heart them! My boys made my the cutest cards in the world for mothers day! Caleb drew a princess and inside the card it said 'Happy mothers day princess'. Ohhh so cute!!!! It's so awesome being a girl sometimes!!! I got 3 cards, some pj's, 2 pairs of fluffy socks and some funky brown and pink pom pom boots!

Owen recieved two 1st's and three 2nds at a sports day event, so proud of him!

............and my baby Caleb played his first ever game of football on Sunday! So proud of him also!

Can't you tell I'm a mama of boys:
The dog poo's (below) aren't real but plastic ;)

I asked they boys about the chopped off heads and they said they turned them into zombies

Love wesa!

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