Friday, September 18, 2009

Car accident today!

Today I think I got up on the wrong side of the bed! My lounge is a mess due to the fact that I am giving it a yearly spring clean! It's making m grrrr, especially when I got up this morning totally exhausted from this weeks cleaning and I still have that left to do! Anyway I was in a mood already when I went to go to the chemist and then collect my kids from school! Then on the way to the chemist I drove passed a petrol station and then I heard this skid. These 18 year old P platers did and skid coming out of the petrol station and when I didn't give way to them they pulled out anyway, yelling and screaming at me, causing me to move out of their way (they almost hit the side of my car in the process!!!). They drove in front of me (casing me to brake) then they did something totally crazy, they speed up and somehow cut across my car did a half a circle to get infront of the car infront of me>?? OMG!!! Then they abused that poor couple. We drove a down the rode, and because of all this I missed my chemist turn off. I got in the side lane to "try" and turn, then these guys like charged at my car! They hit my car on purpse. The left side of my car hit the right back side of their car! I believe they either thought I was trying to over take them or they tried to stop me from turing!

The had a new hired holden car (another car accident>?), I got their i.d and they left! The couldn't careless it wasn't THEIR CAR!!! I am upset, and my back, neck and shoulders hurt! I am going to the doctor tommorrow!

But I am not worrying that's what I have SGIC for, I also have a witness (the car in front of me) and the lovely police!