Thursday, September 03, 2009

Vintage Ruby September Main kit

I have been sick this whole week with a bloodly bug! .......and because I have been sick I didn't even think to check the Scarlet Lime website to see the whole of the main kit for September! I'm really in love! I might focus all the layouts I do with this kit about my nana who passed away a month or so ago! (a few days before Micheal Jackson). My nana was a real lady who loved to dress up in beautiful clothes and fancy shoes. She was apparently the envy of the neighbourhood. Back then no one could afford beautiful clothes like she wore, but my nana's secret was that she could not only sew like a pro she could also make her own patterns thus design her own clothes!!!!
I have only recieved 1 kit so far! My studio calico kits! ;) I got that last Friday and then fell ill > go bloody figure! I have done 1 layout and altered a little ATC tin, so far! I'll post when I have done all the layouts I can do with the kit! ie; I'll post all that I have created in 1 post!
;) Have a good Friday! Love ya!