Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Inspired by......

These rockin stalls! I love, love, love, them! I found them on flickr yesterday!!
I saw this pic last night and today I went to a thift store and found three brightly coloured stalls (yellow, red and blue). These stalls are in really beautiful condition, but the pads on top are gross (with country chickens on them). I'm going to ask my neighbour (who crochets) if she could make little blacket like these to go on top! (and somehow I'll staple them on). I don't know the neighbour really well but she is really nice and I made her a mini album for her dog and she gave me a crochet blacket for mia (my dog) with a little crochet dog on it! (sooo awesome!). I'll buy her the wool and pay her $50 so I think that's a good deal! The pad blankets would be very small! Maybe I could ask for a crochet pillow to ;)

I love granny chic decor! I'll post more ideas that I love both inside the home and outdoors! (there is so many)