Thursday, August 27, 2009


I did this layout a while back! It's about the day we got our second puppy called Sophie a pure shitzu. I took the two older boys (Callum and Owen) to pick her out! They loved her, she was a big fat ball of fluff that just wanted to play. I think there is a great big list of things that you should try and achieve in a life time and one of them I believe is getting the chance to look after a baby animal. In this case it's a puppy! Even though the puppy stage only lasts a little while, they memories it creates last a life time.

*Sorry about the shitty scan's! I am using another camera as something's wrong with my Nikon SLR camera (not happy). I think it might be the battery > It may have got wet when I re-chargered it! Grrrr!!!*

Lisa xoxoxo

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