Friday, November 03, 2006

BIG SMILE! I have finished uni for the year!

I have finished uni for the year!!! Yes yes yes!!! I had a 3 hour exam today!!!!! That's it!!!! Yer baby, freedom man and it feels soooooooo good!!!!!! But I am so tired let me tell you!!!

I have the weekend all sorted out!! Andrew (my ex) has my boys this weekend and Neil has Callum (his son) here!!! So I have hired myself LOTS of DVD's and I intended on scrapbooking all weekend "Yes!!" Lucky me!!!! I just got home from spotlight (local craft store) with heaps of cool little things to get me inspired! I have spent soooo much money on scrapbooking things lately! But I have to get so much done! I have to finish an 8x8 mini album for a wedding present to send to Scotland! (Have started that atleast). I have to stamp the middle of 50 christmas cards and write in them!!! I still need to find some nice red or green envelopes. (I can't seem to find any). And I still need to buy some x-mas stamps and decorate the envelope covers! My next project is decorating a tiny little expandable 5x5 mini album for Neils sister who just told us yesterday that she lost her baby (she was 2 months pregnant). I also picked up some pics I got developed today of Neils birthday so I would really like to have a nice layout completed for his album! Ohh and I forgot I want to finish my Elsie challenge #13 on two peas (it is to scrap a favourite saying).

I am off to have a nice relaxing bath and to look pretty before Neil gets home from work!!! After that I WILL be having me a couple of crusier's to chill out!!!! Then Neil and I are heading off to Port Wakefield to collect Callum! I love the nice country drive in the car and we both sing along to the music. (lucky for me he is into all the top 40 music).

Cheers Lisa!

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