Thursday, November 02, 2006

Photo's from Neil's Birthday!!!

Photo's from Neils 42nd Birthday (just my family, as all of Neils family are all in Scottland). We are having a big BBQ in 2-3 weeks! (we have just been so super busy plus we want to make the backyard nice and hang pixie lights on the trees and those rope lights on the pergola. Yesterday was fun!!!! I brought Neil this silly hat to wear, it had candles on the top, lol! He loved it and wore it, nothing seems to bother him!!! (even looking a wee bit funny). When he walked in the door after work I had this cute bunch of animal balloons sitting in the passage way!!! he, he!! After he grabbed a beer (like he always does after work) I gave him his first present a charm that snaps in half for us to both to wear. He loved it!!
My parents brought take away, chicken, chips which made it so easy! I just brought the dessert and donuts (for the boys). Anyway this is my family! My parents, my brother (who is pulling a stupid face and has done that in photos as a kid, little bugger) and Em my brothers girlfriend of nearly eight years! OMG!!!! I am sooooo waiting for them to get married so I can be an aunty!!!
When everyone left and my boys went to bed I gave Neil his other presents! A Holden top, a four pack of soccer DVD's (the best highlights) and a cordless phone (with 4 handsets). One for the lounge, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom :D So cool to be lazy!!!