Friday, November 10, 2006

Funky Little ArTiSt!

It's my best friends birhday and she is having a birthday dinner a Cha Chi's, a yummy Mexican restaurant Saturday night! Neil and I will be going so it should be a relaxing night!
Amy is a funky little artist! So I brought her an artist box (put her name etc, on it), some oil paints, 2 art cavas, a palette and some cool brushes. She paints all sorts of wicked stuff! She is like me, a lover of abstract art! She is very retro and hippy and her room is the coolest thing ever! (Should take some pics). She has a massive and I mean massive canvas of yellow and oranges swirl circles above her bed! She paints funky fairies that look "Totally cool"! She has beads hanging all over the place in her house, ohhh I could go on and on! So cool to have an interesting, unqiue and amazing friend like Amy in my life! A layout will be coming soon!