Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Angels and stuff

I created this for the Aussie Dare Site,(http://aussiedares.blogspot.com/) the theme was angels and wings! I totally struggled with this LO! I left it for a few days and then brought some purple foil trim and then it all came together easy! Everyone's LO's are so awesome *trust me* Please go and check them out! http://aussiedares.blogspot.com/ It would be nice to have more people come to the site (no ego's just for fun).

The journalling is about how my parents 'saved' me when I was going thru my bitter court divorce with my ex. So a very special and personal LO!~:D





I have been on the new medication for a month and it's making me so unwell > I feel worse, so much worse then before. I was told to go back asap if I felt this way. 1 of my doctors has retired (great) and the one isn't starting back until July. Now I have a new GP (which is hard) I can't get into see her until next Tuesday. (and that's still only for a single apt). A feel a bit disapointed in all of this! ~sorry girls if I haven't been keeping up with your blogs~

Kathie :)
I saw beautiful Kathie Link on Friday! (u are such an amazing soul). Jamie is the cutest thing ever (a little mini man running around the house) and I loved Jack > Kathie's cute adorable doggy!

Keeping busy:
I have been busy creating some little presents for mothers day! :) Post back soon ;)
Lisa xoxxo