Monday, July 23, 2007

My 5 year old School Boy!

My baby boy turned 5 on Saturday :) We had a party for him on Thursday night! I made spaghetti meatballs for dinner (a beautiful Italian recipe), we had freshly grated parmesan cheese, salad and crusty bread rolls. I hate cooking day to day meals but I don't mind cooking for dinner parties. Neil on the other hand loves cooking so he is a massive help in the kitchen ;)

Caleb is the best natured child eva > I am very lucky! Neil says he is the most grateful child he has ever met! He is wonderful and I am very lucky to have him. (even though he is such a mischief maker). This is Caleb on Thursday night! He LOVES Mia to death! ;)

I thought this pic was funny! My bro, Em and "Caleb" > who was to busy playing for a pic!
Caleb's first day of school was today! He looks so handsome and smart ;)
So so proud of him! He was so happy to go to school today!

All three school boys together! ;)