Sunday, June 24, 2007

My Week :D

This week my baby boy Caleb had PJ day at kindy. (he had to wear pj's to school, lol). He wore his little planet pj's, batman slippers and a fluffy robe. (he looked so cute). When I arrived at kindy he didn't want to walk in the door just in case no one else had pj's on. He was freaking out!!!! In a cute way > he had a smile on his face the whole time. (I think I am to blame for this as when he is slow to get dressed in the morning I tell him he'll have to wear his pj's to school).

I have been feeling pretty crappy up until Friday! My mood went up! I feel so good! My mood has been down for the past 10 days and it is hell for me. It's so hard to function, not just normally but at all. But I am getting the help I need thank god. My GP has put me on a mood stabilizer until I see a specialist as the medictions are "above her" as she puts it. There is no cure for this they can only mask the symptoms.

On Friday night Neil and I went out to dinner with one of his mates to the Old Spot Hotel > we had a nice and relaxing night. After that I planned on spending some quite time with Neil alone at cafe Minos in Torresville. There desserts are amazing! (The best in Adeliade). But is was just to cold to go out so we got a carmel sundae (with a yummy flake of course) at macas, lol! Afterwards we just curled up in fron of the fire and watched foxtel together. We both fell asleep and woke up at 3am and watched air crash investgation until 4:30am in the morning! Lol!

Yesterday was Neil's only day off so we sleeped in, watch channel V with a coffee and then went out to lunch to Cafe Nova in Gawler. They have the best food > totally yummy. We sat in a comfortable private booth and it was fantastic! Then we went and did some clothes shopping (which Neil Hates). He told me I need a shopping buddy, lol!

Well today is a total chill-out day for me as Neil is working a 12 hr shift. I am staying home relaxing!! My house in pretty much clean. A clean and ordered house is such a huge stress relief for me. The heater is going cos (I hate the cold) and I have been working on a family mini album! ~Which I have enjoyed creating!~ I have brought lots of cool bit and pieces latelty! I spend way to much on this hobby I think!

I can't wait for tommorrow cos I should get my BB Poppy ink order in the Post. I can't wait to see what it is like and to play with it all! I hope to get some scrapping done this week since I have been so unwell for the past week and a half!

So glad u like you pressie Kathie girl! ;D

Love Lisa :D