Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My First Poppy Ink Layout

I called this layout a little birdie told me you went to heaven.

In 1984 one of my childhood friends aged 7 died in a car accident. Her mums car crashed into a cargo truck carrying sheep. She wasn't wearing a seat belt. It was such a sad time and her mum went to her funeral on a hospital bed. Her name was Kate and she was my age and sometimes I think about all the things this poor girl had missed out on. I wrote down the whole story in the little pocket on the layout. I had 3 childhood friends die in traggic ways. So sad :(

I had heaps of fun this weekend playing with the poppy ink kit and the tapp shoes add-on. I created 3 layouts in a weekend which is HUGE for me!!! It takes me hours to do 1 page. It so cool getting stuff u haven't picked out > it challenges you heaps. I love it :D