Friday, July 20, 2007

Super Caleb and other stuff ;)

This is my second poppy ink layout that I have created with my July kit! (I love the kits). Super Caleb! My boy loves the trampoline! On christmas day last year he put on his superman cape (new present) and ran outside to try it out ;)

To create the branches I used the Lauren Bacall- Tinkering Ink paper and covered the braches with black sequins and wooden beads. To create the leaves I punched out dots with the love elsie paper and the Bon Voyage Notepaper we got. I also added the Heddi Grace Flocked Cardstock Sticker Dots on top! Ohh and 1 jewel on each leaf :D

This is my scrap mess in the lounge! New stuff = mess! It's all cleaned now because we had a party last night! :0

Callum's birthday went so well last Friday!

Callum had to search the inside and outside of the house looking for clues to find his presents!

I bought him a white mudcake and decorated it myself, lol :D
My boys are going back to their dad's house tonight! I will have the weekend to do as I please! Neil works a 12 hour shift on Sunday so that's a big scrap day for me!!! Anyone wanna join me>? lol! I am so looking forward to it as I have 2 pizza boxes full of new stuff! I am about to print off some new pics to scrap! Can't wait!
Happy weekend everyone :D