Friday, July 27, 2007

My Spirit (My Aussie Dare's Layout)

spirituality defination:
the quality or fact of being spiritual. predominantly spiritual character as shown in thought, life, etc.; spiritual tendency or tone.
{Click above for a close up}

I love love love how this layout turned. It has become special to me in so many ways! This one took me ages to complete. The bird, flower, tags, journalling and strips of PP > ages! My heart and soul went into this baby!
My mum took this photo of me on my bed one day watching TV! LOL! I got it developed and swore that I was going to do a girly LO with it! ie; girly things I love! Well it turned into a spirit LO instead > which is even better! The birdie on the LO represents girls > ie: Chick!

{A quick scan of the Journalling Inside}

What is a spirit? It's alot of things. First it's the essence of who we really as an individual It tells us what we believe. It shows us our passions in life, gives us faith in ourselves and the desires to fulfill our dreams. It gives us an identity, tells us we are valuable and gives us a driven purpose in life. It inspires us and can transform our lives life, if we just let it.
I believe we can live a happy life if we listen to our inner voice (our spirit). Our spirit is alive and well in all of us and it comes out without us really knowing.

~Our spirit comes out when we are feeling happy and have a 'inner peace'. within ourselves~.

I can feel my Spirit come alive when:

* I'm sitting on my bed, feeling relaxed with a facial mask on reading my favourite magazine.
* I'm sleeping snuggled up with my beautiful puppy Mia on the lounge.
* Having the time to rub scented mango body butter all over myself.
* I feel good, I look good and I'm having dinner at my favourite cafe.
* It's christmas morning and I'm watching my beautiful boys open their presents.
* I hear a knock on the door and open it to discover new scrap supplies.
* I'm being inspired by art books and art magazines.
* I'm walking and feeling good about myself.
* Getting a massage from my friend Amy with homemade oils and African music being played in the background.
* I'm tired and cold and my sheets (500 thread count) are fresh and the electric blanket is on.
* I am reading a really interesting book on the lounge by the fire.
* I'm listening to my classical music in my car.
* I'm sipping a warm luscious cup of creamy hot cocoa on a cold day.
* I am soaking in a scented bath by candlelight.
* I take the time to write in my journal.
* I am watching an interesting documentry on a subject I am passionate about.
* I'm wearing a new fluffy pair of bed socks.
* I rode around the block for the first time on my new bike. Pink helmet and all.
* The house is clean and it smells good.
* I take the time to look up at the stars.
* I'm having a relaxing dinner with Neil at home just the two of us.