Friday, September 12, 2008


Thought I would do a blog post now while Neil is happy soaking in the bath ;) Yesterday was a hard day but today was a much better day. I felt less anxious and less stressed. I didn't even feel tired today even though I stayed up watching Cheaters, Trisha, The Peoples Court and Judge Judy until 3:30am on the lounge. I was also playing with my Elsie Kit I got in the mail a few days ago! I'm making a mini book called Wonderland it's going to be seperated into 7 sections. For seven different times in my life. When I was little girl, when I was a teenager, when I met Andrew, when became a mother, when I became divorced, when I met Neil and right now. It's going to reflect both the good times and bad. The wonderland that is my life.

Thanks for the call today Deb I hope to see you tommorrow! Finally I can give you your present!!!!!! Hopefully I can get more of this mini album done. I haven't scrapped much latelty.

Tommorrow my baby has to work his 12 hour shift so tonight (right now when I get off this computer) we are going to Cafe Nova at Gawler for dinner.


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