Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I brought Niall an anniversary card and enlarged two pictures of his boat from Scotland. The boat belongs to his family they used it to catch prawns off the coast of Scotland. (They made heaps of money in the 1970;s catching prawns). Niall, his brother, his uncle and dad did all the fishing. The picture is going to be put to good use. I love art and so does Niall so we are going to enrol at Norms Art Studio at Gawler to do art lessons. Niall is going to have a go drawing the boat. I'm not sure what I'm going to do > maybe a funky abstract owl>? Tommorrow Niall is going to get a 1 hour hot rock massage, then we are going out to dinner then maybe see a nice movie!
Last year for my anniversary Niall brought me a beautiful gold locket bracelet. He also brought a gold heart charm seperately and got them to write 'Happy 2nd Anniversary' on it! Sooooo beautiful! He has brought me gold triangle earnings (stunning and he pick them out himself) and a necklace. So he asked me what I wanted. I asked him if I could get some scrap / art supplies to make us a 3rd anniversary mini book. It's something we can always look back on and I have sooooo many awesome pics of just the two of us! He said yes, so I can't wait to put an order in and create this beautiful love book. It won't be pink, pretty and girly BUT funky colourful and happy.

(Niall age 21 is the third one standing to the right)