Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kit Sneeks! :)

Studio Calico's main kit has been revealed and I love it! The add-on's look pretty cool also!

Below are this months stamps (rockin, I just heart them);
SC Main Kit and a glimpse of the add-on's below! (I want all three add-on's).

It's Scarlet Lime's 2nd birthday and their september kit looks amazing!! (by looking at their paper and stamp reveal!). It's not something I would pick myself so it will be interesting to see what I come up with). Most of this paper in this kit is made by SL so the only way of getting your hands on it is by buying a kit!

Scarlet Lime Kit Sneek;

I'm not sure if I will buy the add-on yet as it looks very much like a halloween kit! I don't celebrate halloween being from Australia. But Niall used to celebrate Halloween in Scotland as a child so maybe I could come up with a layout about that! I know my boys will find that interesting (as do I). He lived on a very remote Island and went around collecting chocolate, fruit and money in a bag from the local people who lived on the island! (He came from a family of 12 children!!!!! agh, crazy stuff). lol! Lots of great memories he recalls!

The two other kits I like get released on the 15th in the middle of the month, which is good, as I can save from now until then! (and that way I don' get all my kits togther but two at the start of the month and two in the middle of the month). It give me more time to use them!!!
Anyway I can't wait for these babies (kits above) to arrive on my door step, I still have to wait a day and 3 hours to buy them, and a few more days for them to be posted and 2 weeks (or more) for me to get them! Grrrr~! I am still waiting on two August kits from Studio Calico and Kenner road. I have been reading on the message boards that this month kits have taken ages to arrive to their destinations (world wide), apparently due to international srikes. I believe it has taken even longer here in Australia due to the bad weather and planes having to wait until the weather clears. All grrrrr, signs to me! I am so looking forward to getting my two kits! Yesterday the mail man knocked on my door and I thought "Yes" it's here but it was the bloody dogs dresses I ordered a while back! While I love that they came I soooooo wanted it to be my kits! I want to PLAY hurry up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya Buggers!
Lisa xoxo

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