Thursday, November 23, 2006

How cool is this!!!

I found this amazing piece of art the other day on the internet!! The Artist is Su Blackwell! I am sooo going to attempt this one day!!! Totally cool!
I hope to be working full time soon and in March I start my degree again! I will be super busy!
Right now my focus is on home! Cleaning, organising, moving things around, adding things, and creating things! Neil and I have been talking about buying a nice big house in about two years time! That gives us enough time to save money, to keep the repayments low! We intend on renting our current house out as an investment property. In the meantime we are doing gardening, buying stuff, etc, to make this house super comfortable and pretty to live in!
At the moment I am hunting for ideas to create funky little things and furniture for around the house! It's getting a total transformation!