Thursday, November 16, 2006

Owen Art!

Owen and Caleb:
Owen drew this cool little picture of Neil, me Callum, Caleb and himself! Cute hey! Owen is 6 and really into x-box and very good at it to! He hates homework (reading and spelling with a passion), he is so slow at getting dressed in the mornings but loves the car rides to school (we all sing). Caleb is 4 and loves the trampoline, hits people without notice (grrrrr) and LOVES his FOOD!

I have almost finished scrapping our first family pic! Will post soon!
Neil and myself have been a bit stressed out the past two days! His ex-wife is extrememly jealous of me! I don't even know her! (She is just about to get re-married and has 18 month old son). Unfortunately for Neil she isn't allowing him to see his son! He has seen him 8 days in 6 months! How sad is that! (and he is such a wonderful boy). Now we have gone to a lawyer to get a parenting order! Stressful times, I don't really need this in my life again! Anyway we will get thru this! I have had the boys this week which makes these times even harder! Neil and I are not going to let this effect us!
Weekend Plans:
We have a good weekend coming up! On Friday night we are having a games night at my parents house with my brother and his girlfriend! Mum, Emily and I are going to make cocktails (margaritas and Fruit-tingles my two favourites) and the boys will just have beer! Not to sure what we are going to have for tea, who carers, lol! On Saturday I get to see my cousin who lives in Melb and her three kids, 5, 3, and 6 months! On Saturday night Neil and I are going out for tea just the two of us to celebrate being together for 6 months! I think we will just end up walking down to the local pub. I often get a yummy Chicken Kiev and baked potatoe, and pig-out on buttered hot corn! (I love yummy food as u can tell). Chill out day on Sunday!!!