Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My Struggle!

My relationship with is Neil is like a dream come true! At this moment it is a struggle. Neils ex-wife is bringing so much stress into our lives! It is not fair. There is no parenting order set with Neils son Callum, so Neil's ex is taking him for a ride! Ever since I have come into the picture (6 months ago) she hasn't been letting Neil see his son! 8 days in 6 months, pathetic! Now Callum doesn't even ring Neil and when Neil rings Callum it is difficult because she is standing near! Now she wants to move 4 hours away!!!! We have already gone and seen a lawyer and today we have to go again at 4pm! I am feel so stressed right now! It is my lawyer so it brings back bad memories! (and my case is still not over with). But I have to support Neil as I know alot about the family law (now), but it is so hard! I have never ever had to deal with an ex before!