Tuesday, February 20, 2007

~Me stuff~

Uni and a job>?
My work load is starting to increase! Today, I have to enroll into two subjects at uni! (I am have been totally slack arse with this task! (Stupid site was down last time I went to enrol). Next I have to write a cover letter and resume for jobs! I really really want to get into a government job! I am not interested in anything else other then that! Once I get into a government job I will have the chance to more around and hopefullly land the job I really want! Once I have experience + my degree then I want a psycholoist job or similar, awesome! For now I will apply, do uni and I was thinking about doing some volunteer work and some courses (public speaking etc) to develop my skills! I am feeling very inspired!

I am off all medication and I am doing pretty good! Like Neil says I just have to deal with all of lifes issues myself. Hey; 'it's life'. I am more of a suffer of anxiety then anything else (as I have said a million times before). My ex completetly destroyed me emotionally and psychologically and I have been left to pick up the pieces. Sometimes I think it is so unfair! > But other times I don't because I have learnt so much from it all.

I hope everyone could get real! Life is good. It's not perfect.

Thanks for reading my blog! (I love the messages u leave)

~To know the road ahead, ask those coming back. ~