Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

Wow! So great today! Sooo awesome having someone I love in my life! Feels wonderful! On this day 1 year ago at this exact time, I went for 1.5 hour walk! (I was so good back then with my exercise, not now, lol). Anyway, > I was feeling so sorry for myself! I could see couples hiring romantic movies, some having picnics and some dressed up all beautiful going out to tea!
Mate, I felt so bummed! Didn't make it much better when I got home and discovered these awesome flowers that the neighbours daughter got from her boyfriend! :(
Anyway it's my turn this year! I have the man of my dreams! He gave me flowers and a card when he got home from work! I gave him some boat mags and a card, ohh and he is having a bubble bath, reading the mag with a beer in hand as I write this! Lol! So cute, but so funny! Love it!
Going to cafe pardiso at Hyde Park for dinner! That cafe is totally yummy! I'll take some pics!
I'll post back tommorrow with more...... lots more! > :)
Hope everyone had a beautiful day!