Monday, February 05, 2007

Valentines Day BLOG Challenge!

~Two Peas Challenge~ With Valentine's Day right around the corner. What attracted you to your DH/SO?

Blog about it! Post it here:
What attracted me to this beautiful man>?

I Love my baby because:

1. He loves me for me! (nothing else but me! goodtimes and bad).
2. We are very alike! (We play fight and have crazy fun).
3. He LOVES my children! (like they are his! ie; he calls them his boys).
4. He is totally young minded, rock-on~! (only top 40 music, trendy boy, spikes his hair).
5. He is from Scotland ;) Mmmmmm my brave heart! :)
6. He thinks I am interesting! (so cute). Well..... I am, lol!

7. He is a HARD WORKER! What more can I say!
8. He is very selfless and puts others first! :)
9. He has sooooo much compassion for other human being and animals!
10. He is so romantic! (I have a man who did a trail of rose petals leading to a bunch of flowers).
11. He thinks I am beautiful! Ohhhhh! > :)
12. He is super sensitive! (a total sweet heart).
13. His goal in life is to make me happy!
14. He is very protective of me! (watch out boys, lol).
15. He cares for me when I am sick! (I have never had that before).
16. He wants to do everthing with me! (even bloody the dished, lol).
17. A totally FAMILY MAN! (he loves us to death).
18. Has to be as close to me as possible!
19. We have the same future out-look! (To find happiness in life, that's it).

and the most important thing EVER!

20. I can be me! The person I was born to be! Neil allows me that and supports it! *BIG SMILE*

8 months together!